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Bubblr and Bookr are creative tool from PimPamPum. These tools allow people to create their own images strips generated from pictures that they can find in flickr. In Bubblr, people can drag images onto their strips and in each of the images, they can add speech or thought bubble. As for Bookr, it is more like a picture story books. It works the same ass Bubblr in which people can search the images from flickr and drag the picture on the book screen.

# Age of learners - Twelve to fifteen years old (depending on stduents' language competency)
# Level of learners - Low and intermediate level of students - advanced students might feel bored using this tool since they can't use much language in it (they can just write one or two short sentences for each images)

For Bubblr
Go to Bubblr Website and you will be directed to this page:

Then, go to the search box and type the topic/type of image that you want to search. Then, you can start drag the picture into the column provided and you can add bubble in the picture to describe the picture. The example is:

Finally, you can publish the image strip.

For Bookr: 
Go to Bookr Website and you will be directed to this webpage:

Then, type in the search box the picture that you are looking for. Drag down the picture into the book editor and you can write a description below the picture. Example is:

Finally, you can publish your book!

This one is the example of strip made using Bubblr:

This is the example of picture story book made using Bookr:

  1.  Writing and speaking activity - The teacher can asks the students to use Bubblr or Bookr to write any story of their interest. It could be about their personal experience, their favourite holiday, food etc.They need to choose interesting pictures and put some description on it. The teacher may fix the number of pictures that they want them to put as well as the word length for their story. Then, if possible, they need to present their work in front of the class. 
  2. This tool also suitable for teaching grammar form such as conditional form of 'if'. The teacher can use constructivism approach of learning for this activity. This means that the students need to construct the meaning of the knowledge on their own. In this activity, the teacher provides few example of sentences which includes conditional form and the teacher also includes attractive image which relate to the sentence. Then, the students need to try guess the form that teacher wants to teach and they also need to try to elicit the rules for this grammar form. I the students unable to guess, the teacher might need to give some guidance for them. 
  3. Pre-teaching vocabulary items - The teacher can prepare the strip in advanced using Bubblr/Bookr to introduce a set of vocabulary. Then, the teacher can proceed with while-reading or while-listening activity. This would arouse the students interest as they can see the image which relates to the vocabulary presented. In addition, the teacher also put example of sentence which contain the vocabulary. 
*This website is highly recommended for those who prefer visual and linguistics learning styles. This is because this website provides a lot of images that the students choose and at the same time they can insert few sentences to describe the image* 
*This website also allows personalisation for the students. This is because in certain activities, the students are allowed to choose any topic on their preference and interest.*
*This website also provide a room for learning multiple skills such as writing, speaking and learning vocabulary* 

  1. It is FREE, public and does not require any account to be created. 
  2. Easy to use 
  3. Promote and develop creativity among students
  4. A lot of choices for presentation and images
  5. Fun way to present a variety of topic 
  6. Could improve students' speaking skill - if they need to present their product
  7. Fun and interesting for those who like visual
  8. We do not break the copyright 
  9. Suitable for language learning opportunity - they can enhance their writing skill as well as speaking skill if they need to present their work. 

  1. The aim of the lesson might be diverted as students might search for inappropriate pictures. 
  2. Distraction - too much images and sometimes, the picture can't fit in the page 
  3. Can't resize the bubble in Bubblr and thus, it is not suitable for writing long sentences.
  4. Time consuming in choosing the images since there are too many choices 
  5. We can't edit our work 
  6. Sometimes, the picture of our choice is not there. 
  7. We don't really use the language - more likely to use chunks of words
  8. Might not suitable to be used for advanced students because they might find this tool boring

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