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Elllo English is a great website for listening practice which contain more than 1000 listening activities.You can find interviews, mixer, video response, listening games, songs, vocabulary and many more.While you listen you have the option to show or hide the text. The text version also offers audio explanations of difficult words and phrases. Elllo’s mp3 recordings are unique in that they offer English accents of people from all over the world, including America, Canada, Britain, Australia, and countries where English is not a first language. Conversation topics, such as housing, relationships, and jobs are modern and practical in daily life. Besides, you can download all the audio on the site except the song on the music pages.

# Age of learners - Thirteen and above (I assume that this is a listening website for secondary school learners since this website uses quite long audio recording/visual recording/text)
# Level of learners -  All level of learners 

# Simply go to the Elllo English website. HERE is the link.

Elllo English webpage
# Then you can choose any activity that you want to do based on your preference.
#  For full tutorial in using Elllo English, you may refer to Russell Stannard video. Please click HERE

  1.  Listening activity - Teacher could use the audio or video recording in this website as a listening activity for the whole class. Teacher can print out the material (comprehension question or quizzes) and use the audio or video recording in this website as a listening activity.
  2. Teacher could suggest this website to the students so that they could do the activities  during their free time outside the classroom. This would promote independence and autonomous learning since the students do the exercise on their own. In addition, the students could use the activities for self-assessment/self-evaluation in which they can evaluate how good their speaking skill are.
  3.  Another thing which teacher could do is get students or a computer and internet and then asks students to go to Elllo English website and do any activity that they prefer. In this situation, teacher just monitor the students as to make sure that all of them do it. This would lead to personalisation since they can choose any activity which they prefer. 

*This website could accommodate the students' multiple ways of learning. This is due to the reasons that this website offers various activities which includes a lot visuals etc.*
*This website is also a good website to enhance the students listening skill as it provides a lot of audio listening that the students can choose.*

  1. Students can listen to a variety of lesson in English
  2. Authentic materials - this website provide the conversation/language that people use in their daily lives
  3. It can accommodate different learning style - It has audio, video, text as well visual in which students can choose which they prefer
  4. Can promote autonomous learning - students can do it outside the classroom without the teacher's guidance. 
  5. This website shows different culture or multicultural society. For example, African American and Japanese culture.
  6. The teacher can vary their lesson and use this website as a source to teach in the classroom - teacher can download the material such as mp3 files and text
  7. Personalisation - Students are given variety of choices (the topic) based on their interest/preferences
  8. This website could be the opportunity for the students to practise variety of skills such as speaking (including communication and pronunciation), listening and vocabulary.
  9. The activities (such as comprehension activities and games) provides the purpose for listening
  10. This website extract the language for context in which students can learn through context/situation
  11. Provide variety of level. Thus, all level of students can engage in the activity. 
  12. Students can gauge their level - they can use this website to evaluate their progress (self assessment) 
  13. Learners can learn other stuff as well such as history and Science. 

  1. Problem with control - when you want to go back to the main page, you need to click the back button
  2. Organisation of the website - this website does not shows any categories to distinguish all the topics
  3. This website has the link to twitter. This could be a distraction for the students as they may focus more on twitter rather than on this website. 

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